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80% Fish Treats

80%Steam cooked fish meat

20%Potato & Sweet Potato

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80% Fish Treats


★They are an ideal training aid – suitable for any age, breed or behaviour of dog (or cat!).

Food taps into a primal need and instinctive desire for our Furry Friends, so food is possibly the best way to train and reward your Pets for a job well done! Of course looking at Pet Care holistically as we do here at DotDot Pet Care, we always advise you mix in playtime and praise too!

These are small, dense and crunchy treats, in a re-sealable bag – fewer calories than most on the shelf as they are full of natural goodness- like our Dog Food range there are no fillers, grains, artificial additives or colours so you don’t have to feel guilty about rewarding your furry friend.

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Age: 2 years old

Breed: Boxer

Weight: 25kg / Adult

Fave Food: Beef & Carrots

Mumbo enjoys 2 DotDot walks a day and a massive part of the DotDot family with an enormous personality. Hes cheeky, energetic, playful and extremely intelligent. His active lifestyle calls for a highly nutritious diet to ensure hes always got that sparkle in his eye.

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This years Family Day has fallen on 'Yorkshire Day' ! Expect to see lots of Yorkshire themed fun and games at our Annual event!

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