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Meet the Team

Owner Operator

Karli Petch

All areas

Full time

After 15 years in the commercial sector as a Project Manager/Recruitment Manager and Vetting Officer; Karli decided to follow her dream in 2016 and DotDot Pet Care was born in memory of their first baby, Dorothy their dog.  Having owned pets for all of her life, DotDot would provide a home from home pet care experience and allow her to spend more time with her family.

Since the creation of DotDot, Karli has taken great pleasure in finding like minded people to join the team (now known as the #DotDotFamily) and expand on the services that DotDot provide. Karli has used the DotDot platform to help several dog rescue centres and charities, which resulted in her family rescuing a puppy (Percy) from Cyprus in Jan 2019 and 6 months later the family was complete when she brought Percy's mum, Isla over from Cyprus too!  Firm partnerships have been developed with local rescue centres and UK based charities, Hull Animal Welfare Trust being DotDot's nominated charity.

  • Diplomas in Business Management, Animal Care & Welfare & Health & Social Care.
  • Level 3 Certificate in Developing Training Programmes for Dogs
  • Level 3 Certificate (IMDT) in Daycare & Home Boarding.
  • Ran several marathons & climbed lots of mountains!
  • Proud wife and mum of 7 (3 human babies, 4 fur babies!)
  • Nicknamed Monica for her obsessive organising skills!
Team Leader- MW

Helen Broadley

Market Weighton & surrounding villages

Mondays, Tues & Thursdays

Helen has lived in Market Weighton since 2014 and left her career as a Manger in a care home to spend more time with her 2 children.

Helen has experience in handling and owning multiple large breed and rescue dogs and has 2 dogs called Trixie (small and cuddly!) and Rufus (the big barky one!).  She is very much a part of the local community - and loves to create book clubs, running groups, craft clubs and is best known for bringing 'Weighton Rocks' to the town!  Helen loves to bring like minded people together.  Helen has been running for a few years now and completed her first half marathon with #TeamDotDot.

Helen was promoted to the position of 'Team Leader' for the Market Weighton & villages locations in January 2019 and is often referred to as the 'Crazy one' in the #DotDotFamily - always guaranteed to make people smile!

  • Approachable, honest and reliable
  • Loves dogs, small furries and reptiles
  • Creator of 'Weighton Rocks' & 'ScrapsaDaisy'
  • Diploma in Animal Care & Welfare
Team Leader-Pock

Alice Daniells


Full time

Alice is a Pocklington home girl having lived here all of her life. She left the hospitality industry, where she was a manager for over 5 years, gladly trading in this role to spend time with loveable pooches, her own dog Pepper and enjoy a better work/life balance. 

If you ask Alice how she finds working in the great outdoors with all the doggy's, she will tell you with a smile on her face that even the rainy days are worth it!

She is a proud dog mum to Pepper, the beautifully crazy cocker and has grown up with both pets and working dogs as she comes from a background of game keeping, so she's used to having lots of dogs around, as well as a variety of different animals!  This upbringing means she is certainly not afraid of getting stuck in, wet and mucky.

Alice is into her CrossFit and trains hard - she has to be quick and strong to keep up with her Pock doggy's! 

In 2019 Alice was given the opportunity to become 'Team Leader', responsible for the Pocklington & surrounding villages clients and walkers.

  • Dog crazy and all round animal lover
  • Friendly, loving, reliable and kind
  • Diploma in Animal Care & Welfare
  • Licensed Dog home Boarder- AA6247122
Team MW

Steve Horncastle

Market Weighton


Steve joined the DotDot Family in a semi-retired position back in November 2017 to follow his love of dogs, the great outdoors and his passion for keeping fit. He has owned dogs all of his life and is experienced in handling both small and large breeds.

He lives in Market Weighton (has done for 40 years) with his wife and dog Freya.  As an avid fell walker and runner he keeps very fit and as such is not scared of bad weather!  His annual holidays consist of his favourite things; walking, a country pub and time with his wife and dog in the Great UK. 

Steve is always the first to encourage team long as its in a pub ;) Joking aside, Steve will never let you down and loves his DotDot Dogs - if you ask him what he thinks to life with DotDot, he will gladly tell you its the best job in the world.  What more could any dog owner ask for!

Steve has wowed both the team and clients over the past few years with his musical talent, having arranged for the band he is in to play at all our charitable, fundraising and community events.  Not only is he an amazing guitarist but he sings too!

  • Completed the Yorkshire marathon three times
  • Co-Hosts the 'Fox's Den' show on Vixen 101 radio
  • On a mission to climb all the mountains in the Lake District!
  • Diploma in Animal Care & Welfare
Team MW

Lynne Chandler

Market Weighton

Monday & Tuesday

Lynne has owned dogs for her entire life, from Yorkshire Terriers to German Short Haired Pointers: she has extensive experience with all breeds of dogs. Lynne has an interest in showing and training gun dogs. She has qualified some of her babies to Crufts level. All her fur babies over the years have achieved the 'Good Citizen' award.

Having spent over 20+ years working in a Vets, Lynne has experience and knowledge of most things furry! Not only this, but she is a well known face to all local pet owners. She is one of the most compassionate and thoughtful people you could hope to meet and goes above and beyond offering her support to our DotDot Family. Its fair to say dogs mean the world to Lynne and she would do just about anything for a dog in need (or their owners!).

In summer 2018 Lynne started supporting varying Cypriot dog rescues and brought over her own rescue dog Gertie from Cyprus as a companion for her other GSP Mouse. Fast forward to March 2019 and Lynne now has Woody a German Short Haired Pointer - an extremely adorable and cheeky 3rd fur baby.

  • Works at Wicstun Vets (25 years & counting!)
  • Now semi retired
  • Owns 3 dogs; Mouse, Woody & Gertie
  • Lover of all animals, big or small

Penny Scott

HOSM & Market Weighton

Full Time

Penny has lived in Market Weighton for 15 years and counting and has four children and 3 dogs and 2 horses!

She trains and competes her fur babies at agility competitions, and previously trained and competed horses. She loves the outdoors and loves all of the seasons Britain has to offer!

Since joining the DotDot Family in February 2018 she has wowed us all with her ability to train and turn around the most nervous of dogs and the most hyper!  What Penny doesn't know about owning dogs isn't worth knowing, she truly is a fountain of knowledge for our clients and can often be found helping families outside of working hours.

Penny is prone to rogue animals joining her walks - the team always laugh at Penny's updates, our favourite being a random sheep following her gang out on a walk in HOSM, who apparently had some 'lovely heel work' !

  • Enjoys caravanning with the kiddies and doggies
  • Loves cycling, a regular visitor to Dalby Forest!
  • Climbed the Yorkshire 3 Peaks many times
  • Home Boarder - AA724609
Team Pock

John Chatterton


Full time

Having returned from city life in Coventry after University, John is back in his home town ready to spend time in the countryside with our much loved pets! He is the proud owner of Sully, whom John and his family rescued in early 2019 after loosing their beloved Jack Russel, Jack. The family have been dog owners their whole lives.

John has been known to Karli since Summer 2018 when she met him in Athens at an International Trampoline Training camp! Karli found John to be a true ray of sunshine - passionate, friendly, trustworthy and a great team leader.

Since joining DotDot in January 2019 John has quickly settled into the role and its safe to say all the fur babies and their families have come to rely on his funny daily updates and photos (he always manages to get the doggys to stick their tongues out and smile for their pics!).

John has another key role in DotDot, he is the graphic designer who can transform all of Karli's idea's and put them onto paper!

  • John loves to stay active and keep fit
  • He was once ranked 2nd in Great Britain in trampolining
  • Qualified trampoline coach & owns his own local club
  • Diploma in Animal Care & Welfare
Team Pock

Nicole Jenkinson

Pocklington & surrounding villages

Tues/Wed & Thursday

Nicole has lived in France for 8 years only returning to the UK in January 2019. She was excited to be back in the Yorkshire countryside and be given the opportunity of working with her biggest passion in life; dogs!

Prior to her departure to France, Nicole worked alongside Karli for many years in the Manufacturing Industry as a 'Materials Controller', so she is known to be very methodical, organised and comes highly trusted.  She is a true asset to any team.

Nicole was fostering rescue dogs in France over the last few years, and has kept 2 of these fur babies as her own - Ziggy, a French Brittany Spaniel and Luna, a Jack Russell cross Spaniel.  Whenever the DotDot clients talk of Nicole and the relationship she has with their pets, they will always tell you how much their dog loves her and how gentle and loving she is with them.

She loves fitness, keeping active and is also very passionate about music too.

  • Renovated a 16th century French farmhouse
  • Hiked the Blue Mountains and Grampians in Australia.
  • Diploma in Animal Care & Welfare
  • Volunteer at 'Orfee' a French dog rescue charity.
  • Home Boarder - AA724609
Team MW

Helen Cox

Market Weighton & Pocklington

Full time

Helen is from Market Weighton, however spent 4 years living in America.  She came back to settle in her home town after her son Noah was born.

Helen's work background has mostly been in customer services, however for over 2 years she worked in the great outdoors at the Warter Priory, bush beating - so is not afraid of getting cold, wet or muddy!  Jogging with dogs is a service Helen will be happy to provide as can often be seen taking her dogs out for a run, and indeed has participated in many running challenges over the years (Dalby Dash, Tough Mudder and Sledmere Sunset to name but a few).

Four years ago Helen decided to get her first dog (Freddy) from a family that could no longer cope with him.  Her passion for dogs began!  Now she has three Labradors; Freddy, Mable and Robin.  She has even had her very own litter of Labradors, and can you believe she actually walks one of these full time now in her role with DotDot, who would have ever thought it!  This is Helen's dream job.  She loves nothing more than to be walking and outdoors with her dogs.

  • Freddy, Mable & Robin have an impressive 50k followers on Insta!
  • Helen enjoys photography & sewing & weekends at the Coast in their touring caravan.
  • Diploma in Animal Care & Welfare
  • Licensed Home Boarder - AA6251269
Team MW

Linda Cook

Market Weighton & Villages

Tues / Wed / Thurs

Linda lives in Market Weighton having moved here over a decade ago.  She is a mum to 2 wonderful boys and was working in the IT sector for more than 10 years before starting with DotDot Pet Care.  Having been a client of DotDot's for over a year (with her Boxer dog Mumbo!), Linda decided she wanted to join the DotDot family and take the opportunity to spend time with 2 of her favourite things; animals and the great outdoors!

Linda assists her mum in raising money for Cancer Research on a regular basis and has even started her own community project, Market Weighton Hedgehogs, dedicated to saving the ever declining species.

Linda is the founder of 'Market Weighton Hedgehogs', educating the local community about this amazing, endangered species and providing much needed back up support, care and assistance to the other local Hog rescues.  Linda works tirelessly as a volunteer for the cause and is known to go out in her PJs late at night to rescue a poorly hog.  What a star!

  • Linda has appeared in 2 televised quiz shows!
  • Once a member of the Sky diving team for York Uni!
  • Diploma in Animal Care & Welfare
  • Home Boarder - AA724609
Beverley Manager

Vicky Brown

Beverley & surrounding villages

Full time

Vicky moved to Market Weighton in 2019, and lives with her partner, 2 children and her 2 dogs.

When she moved to Market Weighton she needed a dog walker (Vicky was working in Logistics and had done for over two decades) and used DotDot for regular dog walks during her working week.  The DotDot love struck! And she wanted to become part of the team instead of a client!

Vicky grew up within a 'mad house' full of animals!  She recalls always having at least 3 dogs, ranging from Spaniels to German Shepherds and most were all rescue dogs.  She has experience with small pets too, having owned rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters and birds.  It wasn't unusual for 12/13 year old Vicky to go out and play on a weekend and come back home with a stray dog (and just occasionally she would get to keep it!!).  Her fur family now consists of Ralph a Cocker Spaniel and Reggie, her newest addition, a terrier cross.

Vicky loves to keep fit and active, has a real passion for all animals and thinks working for DotDot is a dream come true.


  • Vicky loves festivals, camping and walking in the Isle of Wight
  • Plays netball in her spare time
  • Plays pool, darts and dominoes and will challenge anyone to a contest!
  • Studying Diploma in Animal Care & Welfare
  • Licensed Home Boarder - AA6250940
All Teams!

Zoe Hartley

MW, Pocklington & Beverley

Full Time

Zoe lives in Market Weighton and holds a qualification in 'Zoo Animal Management and Collection Management' from Askham Bryan College. After leaving college she moved to Jersey to do a 10 month student placement at Jersey Zoo!  For the last 5 years Zoe has worked for a safari company, travelling the UK to deliver educational talks and handling a wide variety of animals to schools, care homes and birthday parties.

She has and continues to volunteer at 'The Hull Animal Welfare Trust' for more than 8 years now and this has given her a truly rounded experience of working with dogs of all sizes, breeds and temperaments.  She is an avid fundraiser and organiser and thrives in creating fundraising ideas for charities also!


  • Cub Scout leader in Market Weighton.
  • Enjoys long hikes and being outdoors.
  • Owns several rescue reptiles!
  • Diploma in Zoo & Animal Management
Beverley Team

Rhiannon Graves

Beverley & surrounding villages

Full time

Rhiannon moved to Market Weighton in 2019 and over the last few years has been studying as an Apprentice in Early Years Educartion.  When her Mum created DotDot Beverley Rhiannon quickly fell in love with all the dogs and the way of life that working for DotDot offers!

Rhiannon has been around dogs all her life - different breeds and shapes and sizes! She owns a cocker spaniel Ralph and a terrier- Reggie.  She has a real passion for all things fluffy and loves nature and the great outdoors.  She has been a part of a family that rescues dogs so understands how to behave around our fur babies and is patient and dedicated to making every animal feel like part of the family.  Having been in a home over the last year where DotDot dogs have been boarding, and joining her Mum on DotDot walks she has gained lots of insight and experience in just how to provide the best quality of care to our DotDot Families.

Rhiannon has started her Diploma in Animal Care and Management with Bishop Burton College to further compound her experience and knowledge.

  • Loves photography.
  • Played Netball & football at national level.
  • A true team player.

Carolyn Jackson

All locations

Part Time

Carolyn was born in Beverley but has happily lived in Market Weighton since the turn of the century. She is married with one daughter and was employed for 24 years at BAE Systems. She worked in administration but after taking voluntary redundancy has learnt new skills working locally.

The family have a beautiful tabby cat called Alfie who is Carolyn's first pet. Thinking she was allergic to cats and not being very confident around animals, things have now gone full circle; there is no allergy and Alfie loves to sit and snuggle with her at every opportunity!

Carolyn met Karli when they became neighbours in 2007 and it's safe to say that they are now firm friends with lots of fun times being had along the way.

  • Loves reading & walking
  • Has a smile for everyone :)
  • Carolyn is the Queen of paperwork!