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A Dog is for Life

Are you 100% sure?

The rewards of bringing a 4 legged friend into the family are beyond words; however sometimes it may not be the right time, it may be more expensive than you anticipated or the breed may need more than you can give by way of exercise for example.

#TeamDotDot have seen first-hand over the year’s dogs being re-homed for many different reasons: though you can’t always plan for the unexpected, here are the most common factors to consider when thinking of extending your family…..

Accidents & Damage

Whether your fur baby is a puppy or an Adult dog, they may have accidents in the home, or take a liking to a piece of furniture and chew and destroy things!

Do you have the time, patience and financial resources to replace these items and train your dog if required?

Do you have a decade?

The average life expectancy of a dog is currently 12years.

Do you have the time and patience to commit to training a dog (especially if you have rescued a dog), or the money to be able to pay for Pet Care if you have to leave your dog for longer periods of time? 


Are you at work all day? How much time will the dog be left alone?

The current guidelines are;

Puppys should not be left alone for more than 2-4 hours, Adult dogs 4-6 hours.

DotDot Pet Care offer puppy sitting & Dog Walking Services

Fit & Healthy

Are you able to physically walk your dog every day, regardless of the weather or how you are feeling? Do you have the support network to ensure your dog always gets a walk if you cant?

Its important that you research the breed of dog you intend to bring into the family, as all dogs exercise needs are different.  If there are times when you cannot walk your dog, then this is where you will need family/friends or a local Pet Care business to help (Link services page!).


Life can throw us curve balls at times, but if you plan on changing your circumstances in the future this should be considered!

Do you plan on having children/more children?

Would this affect your ability to keep your fur baby?

Are you in rented accommodation and could this contract expire and you need to move? Not all landlords allow pets.


The cost of keeping a dog fit and healthy can soon add up, are you aware of what a financial commitment a dog can be?

  • Vets Bills (DotDot recommend Wicstun Vets)
  • Insurance
  • Food & Treats
  • Training, Training Aids & Toys
  • Home Boarding / Kennels / Dog Walkers
  • Human Walking apparel – Boots, water proofs etc


Do you actually have room for a dog – (and I don’t mean in your heart, we all have that!) but they need their own space!

Dogs need an area in the home that is quiet, cosy and their own.